• Is Your Sexual
    Behavior Affecting
    Your Marriage or

  • Are you caught
    in a cycle of painful
    or unfulfilling

  • Are you spending too
    much time browsing
    pornography sites?

  • Do you suspect your
    spouse or partner has a
    sex or porn addiction?

  • Are you having
    trouble being faithful?

  • Is your sexual behavior
    causing you problems
    at work?

  • Are you worried
    about your teenager
    watching too much

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NY Center for Treatment of Sex Addiction and Porn Addiction

We believe, even though two people have the same diagnosis they might require
a different approach to recovery. At NY Center For Sex Addiction Treatment your
treatment is individually tailored depending on your needs, severity of addiction, life
circumstances and co-occurring addictions to provide you with the most effective
therapy in a discreet and confidential setting. You will regain control of your life and
move toward healthy sexuality and real intimacy.  Read More

Treatment Is Available For

Sex Addiction Anonymous Sex Love Addiction
Porn Addiction Chronic Infidelity Partners of Addicts
Prostitutes & Massages Voyeurism Intimacy Issues
Strip Clubs Exhibitionism Sexual Abuse
Online Hookups Sexual Misconduct Teen Porn


Phone consultations are available from the convenience of your home. Call the number below or email us to schedule and appointment.


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